Iberia Bank

This 5,400 square foot wooden structure built on pile-supported concrete slab serves as a commercial, residential and business branch for Iberia Bank. The building, which was completed by Landis in 2011, also serves as a centralized hub for the bank in the event of another major storm or disaster. There is an emergency generator powerful enough to supply the entire building’s operations, and the training and conference rooms are supplied with additional power and data to serve as temporary office space should the need arise. Custom rift-cut white oak-stained millwork and flooring finishes, including cast-in-place epoxy terrazzo on the interior and cementitious terrazzo exterior, and granite countertops, were designed to match the brand identity of other Iberia branches in the area.


8300 Earhart Boulevard, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70118
PO Box 4278
New Orleans, LA 70178

Office: (504) 833.6070
Fax: (504) 833.6662

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