Iberville Phases V, VI, & VII (Bienville Basin)

As the selected general contractor for Iberville Onsite Phases V, VI, & VII, Landis led a historic transformation of the blighted former Iberville projects site and surrounding vacant areas into the vibrant new Bienville Basin affordable living community in Treme. At a time when both the neighborhood and entire city of New Orleans were grappling with a severe affordable housing crisis, this project was instrumental in revitalizing the Iberville-Treme community, improving its sustainability and increasing access to high-quality services and opportunities.

This project focused on integrating the existing site physically and socially with the surrounding Treme neighborhood to create a diverse, mixed-income, and sustainable community with Energy Star appliances, modern amenities, and improved public recreation and gathering spaces. For its exemplary performance relative to Iberville Onsite Phases V & VI, Landis was awarded its second Excellence in Construction EAGLE Award from ABC National for 2018, as well as a local Award of Excellence from ABC Bayou Chapter.

Although Landis had already proven their value in design-build relationships with HCI in three other recent projects over a 5-year span, including 130 units of mixed-income multifamily construction for two prior phases of the Iberville Housing Redevelopment, their continued focus and efficiency on the final Iberville Phase VII was a crucial component of the project success. Key Landis personnel from the prior phase’s teams deployed their knowledge and “lessons learned” to build upon their efficiency and production in Phase VII of the project. Although it included similar building types to prior phases, their execution did not neglect any of their responsibilities to this similar, but independent project.”

Roger W. Freibert, AIA, President HCI Architecture

  • Square Footage
  • Completion
    March 2019
  • Architect
    HCI Architecture


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